Instagram Posts

Complete your checklist…

Do you have a specific promotion? Or are you trying to increase brand awareness?

Where should people go? Do you have bio links set up?


When do you want your social media post to go live?

Are they targeting the same audience? Which ones have a high engagement? 

What images or videos do you want to share? How do you want to caption them?

Do you have the budget? Run ads on Instagram through Facebook Ads.

Are you prepared to track likes and clicks? 

…then you’re ready to tango!

How can Little Tango help you?

Style Guide

Have a specific mood or vibe? We’ll help you create a style template so that you’re always on brand.

Auto Schedule

We’ll help you set up a consistent posting schedule so that you can grow your audience on Instagram. 

Shareable Posts

Give us your photos, videos, and messaging—we’ll create content ideas for you to share.